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Countdown to Chanukah 26

It is the lighting of the candles that is the Mitzvah, not the placement. (Orach Chaim 675:1) Therefore one may not light the Chanukah candles in the wrong place and then place them in their proper place. The lighting, the Mitzvah, must be done when the candles are properly situated.

People often strive to reach far beyond themselves in many areas of Service of God. We demand too much from ourselves. This is compared to lighting the candle in the wrong place. We must be aware of where we stand and who we are so we can shine where and as we are. (Vayaged Yaakov, Maamar 5, Letter 4)

This law is the perfect reminder that we must focus our efforts on the areas where we need work. Rather than reaching for the stars, we can focus on the inner areas that demand most attention.

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