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Countdown to Chanukah 20

The Rosh (Pesachim 1:10) reflects on why the blessing over the Chanukah candles is “l’hadlik” and not “al hadlakat,” as in “al Netilat Yadaim.” Rabbeinu Asher explains that since the Mitzvah includes more time – the candles must burn for a minimum time – the Sages changed the wording to “l’hadlik” to indicate that the candles must continue in time.

Perhaps this is a hint to the idea taught by many of the great Chassidic Masters that when one lights the Chanukah candles, he must have in mind to also ignite and attach to the “Candle of Mitzvah and the Illumination of Torah” inside his soul. Our job is to light the Chanukah candles with a sense that our spiritual accomplishments must continue to burn in, and illuminate our souls, long after Chanukah. (Vayechi Yosef 32:3)

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