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Countdown To Chanukah 2 – Strength From Hallel

“One can use songs and tunes to ease the burdens of work, even in service of God, just as we see physical laborers often sing to lighten their load (Tiferet Yisrael; Avot 1, Yachin 38).

When the verse (Psalms 113 – First Paragraph of Hallel) describes, “From east to west the name of God is praised,” as teaching us that from the moment the sun rises until it sets it sings praises to the Holy One, Blessed is He, and it is through the song it is able to continue its work (Yalkut Shimoni, Joshua #22).

It is thus, I sing my Chanukah Hallel. 

Chanukah was and is a challenge to work hard for what I believe. I transform the work by singing Hallel and it is through the Hallel, my turning my life, my service of God into a Song of Praise to God, that I am able to exist and function.

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