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Countdown to Chanukah 18

The Talmud (Menachot 85b) says: “Tekoah Alpha Lashemen” – Tekoah (the name of a place) is the alpha – the choicest place – to find the oil for the Temple service. We pay careful attention to names (Berachot 7b), so there must be an important lesson in the name, Tekoah.

“V’Yaakov taka et ohalo,” – “And Jacob pitched his tent.” (Genesis 31:25) Taka means to plant something in a permanent way, as Jacob did with his tent.

“Alpha,” means to learn, as in “Va’alefcha Chochma,” – “I will teach you wisdom.”  (Job 33:33)

The Talmud is teaching us that when we learn Torah – the illumination of Torah – and implant it in our heart, we can reach the choicest place in our Service of God.

Learn Torah while the Chanukah candles burn.
Choose topics that have immediate practical application to your life. It is not enough to study Halacha – laws of what to do – the learning must include the lessons and implications of the laws you study.

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