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Countdown to Pesach 22: Breaking The Middle Matzah

After Karpas we reach Yachatz – the breaking of the middle Matzah. The three Matzot represent the Kohanim, Leviim and Israel. The middle Matzah represents Levi. It is interesting that the Talmud teaches us that there was a break in Levi. Amram, the future father of Moshe, divorced his wife Yocheved as a response to Pharaoh’s decree to drown all Jewish males. His daughter Miriam convinced him with logic and prophecy to remarry, to fix the break, and Amram and Yocheved would bring the future redeemer into the world.


We recall the break in Levi, when we break the middle Matzah. We recall how desperate was the situation of Israel in Egypt. Even the greatest leaders were divorcing so as not to bring more children into the world to serve as Pharaoh’s victims. However, we place the larger broken half aside as we recall that what was broken was healed, and when it was healed, God sent Moses to Israel. We look forward to the fixing of all broken parts in Israel. (Machberes Avodas Hashem)

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