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There are contradictions in the Parah Adumah. The Cohen who purifies others becomes impure as he purifies.

There are contradictions in the Parah Adumah just as there are contradictions in life.

Judaism, torah, nurture our independence. They use our drive to become something to attach us to God, when we can only truly be. And yet, in order to attach to God, we must let go of ourselves, and stand in total and absolute humility before Him.

We nurture our growth and independence, our Bechira Chofshit, our Free Choice, and yet, ultimately, we understand that we can limit ourselves when we focus on our development. We can become too self-defined.

Development that can limit. There are contradictions in our spiritual lives. These are the contradictions of the Parah Adumah. They are part and parcel of Creation.

The Parah Adumah reminds us not to become too lost in one approach or the other. It gently reminds us that our struggle to grow is the struggle of all human beings. We cannot be frustrated by the contradictions. They are not only ours. They are everywhere and everybody’s. They are part of the Parah Adumah.

And, there’s more.

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