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Confessions: Latznu

We have scorned. (Artscroll Vidui) “Scoffers – Leitzim – covet mockery for themselves.” (Proverbs 1:22) The Vilna Gaon (Commentary to Proverbs) explains that the Leitz – the scorner, scoffer and cynic, is the enemy of wisdom.

“When the scorner is punished” refers to Amalek: “And the thoughtless is made wise” to Jethro. “And when one that has understanding is reproved” this is Moses, whom Jethro reproved. (Shemot Rabbah 27:6)

Amalek refuses to respond to life events and messages. They saw how God redeemed Israel from Egypt and split the sea, and they refused to believe that all the miracles meant anything significant, even that God would protect Israel. They scoffed at all the miracles and attacked.

The Leitz refuses to pay attention to events, messages and the lessons of life. The Leitz does not consider the meaning of his experiences. He does not reflect on his mistakes or successes.

We say Latznu for the times we ignored the lessons we could have learned from life.

ToolsTikkun/Achieving Greatness

Pay attention to our experiences.

Learn from our mistakes.

Use Mitzvot as opportunities to discover meaning in our lives.

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