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Confessions II: Introduction

There are two things we have to keep in mind when we recite the Viddui.  We have to be aware of all the specific sins that we did in the past year, and then

we have to understand what it is inside of us that allows us to fail in these ways.

The Viddui is comprised of two parts.  The first being  Ashamnu-Bagadnu followed by the much larger body of declarations that begin with, “We have sinned.” Tonight we will discuss the shorter Ashamnu-Bagadnu which deals with broad categories of sins.

In doing so, we are going to be focusing on the causes and effects of our sins.  The cause is what it is inside of us that causes us to sin, and effects, in terms of what happens with certain sins and certain attitudes.  Keep in mind that we’re speaking of somebody who truly wishes to live a life of awareness, and wants to think about everything he or she is doing.   And so if you don’t want to live that sort of life, don’t say the Ashamnu-Bagadnu this way.  Even if you know that it is impossible for you to function on a daily level at this heightened awareness, its still worthwhile to focus for at least one day and say that is someone I would like to have or like to be.


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