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Confessions: A Chesed For God

“For with You is forgiveness”:  !  (Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor Ashkenaz, Page 324)
It is known that all the souls of Israel are a חלק אלק ממעל/a part of the Lord above, and that our job is to attach himself to his highest roots as a branch to its tree .  When a person does not walk in the proper way, and steers off course, he builds a barrier between God and himself.  This verse means, we know that “to be with You,” to be attached to You as we should be, our only hope is, “forgiveness. ”

The Midrash  teaches that the poor person does more for the one handing him Tzedaka, than the Baal HaBait – home owner – did for the poor person.  This is also true when we speak of God and B’nei Yisrael.  God’s desire is to benefit His creations.  This desire is even greater than our desire to receive His Chesed.  When we receive His goodness, it is as if we are doing a Chesed for Him

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