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“There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing.” Blaise Pascal “And God called to Moshe from The Tent of Meeting saying.” Rashi goes to great lengths to describe how God called to Moshe. Calling has been part of our story since the first day of creation: “And the Lord called the light, day.” It does not say that the Lord “named,” but that He “called.” Calling is a summons and a naming. When Moshe heard God’s summons, “Moshe, Moshe,” he simultaneously understood his definition; the purpose of his existence. God’s call meant for Moshe, could only be heard by Moshe. A “call” is as unique as a name. I often wish to hear God’s voice calling to me. I listen for God’s voice because it is the only thing that will fill the vacuum in my heart, the one that thirsts for a sense of the purpose of my existence, my definition as me. I listen for His voice when I study His Torah, but what I hear is only an echo of His voice. But just as with Moshe, the echo is calling me to come closer to God. Author Info: Learn & discover the Divine prophecies with Rabbi Simcha Weinberg from the holy Torah, Jewish Law, Mysticism, Kabbalah and Jewish Prophecies. The Foundation Stone™ is the ultimate resource for Jews, Judaism, Jewish Education, Jewish Spirituality & the holy Torah.


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