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Clothes Part Two

Why did Joseph leave his clothes with Potiphar’s wife?

She could not claim rape, otherwise her clothes would have been torn, not his. She doesn’t even claim rape, but “to make sport.” In fact, if you study the verses carefully, her husband demands more information than she originally offered. She had to explain why his shirt or garment was there.

Joseph sent a very clear message: It was more important to him to not sin than it was to not be caught. In this he wanted to fix the original sin that led to the need for clothing. Adam and Eve wanted to hide from their sin. They were more concerned with hiding their sin than they were with not sinning at all.

Joseph did the opposite. He sent a very clear message: He did not sin. He did not want to hide from his actions. Potiphar did not believe his wife, otherwise he would not have sent Joseph to live in the house of the Royal Prison Master, he would have executed Joseph.

Why did he send Joseph away at all?

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