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Clothes Part One

What is with all the clothes in the story of Joseph and Judah?
Joseph has a coat of many colors. His clothes also are the theme of his confrontation with the wife of Potiphar: She grabbed him by his clothes in such a manner that he knew exactly what she wanted. He left his clothes with her, then he escaped, and then he calmly walked outside.

She pays special attention to the fact that he left his clothes. When she tells her story to the people in her house, she mentions the clothes. She repeats the story to her husband, again, stressing the fact that Joseph left his clothes with her.
When Judah visits the prostitute, who is really his daughter-in-law, Tamar, he leaves his garment with her.

When Joseph is brought to Pharaoh his clothes are changed. Everything seems to be about clothes!

It all brings us back to the first clothes; the ones God made for Adam and Eve.

Something is happening.

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