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Morning Blessings-Chidah: No Worries

“Who removes sleep from my eyes.” Why do we not respond Amen to this blessing? Why did the Sages make this the introduction the prayer that follows, “Who bestows beneficent kindnesses upon

His people, Israel?”

King Solomon wrote, “Sweet is the sleep of the laborer, whether he eats little or much. The satiety of the rich does not let him sleep.” (Ecclesiastes 5:11) The explanation is that “One who increases possessions, increases his worries.”

There are times when loss of sleep is not a blessing, such as for the wealthy person who loses sleep because of his worries. We therefore do not respond Amen.

We conclude with, , “Who bestows beneficent kindnesses upon His people, Israel,” as a form of prayer that all the kindnesses we receive should be complete blessings that do not lead to worry. (Chida, Kisei David)


Pray that all the blessings we receive be complete expressions of God’s kindness and do not lead to worry.

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