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Shema: Chidah: Holy, Holy, Holy

The great Sage Rabbi Avraham, Av Beit Din of Brisk 5775, asked in a dream why we need to say “Kadosh” three times before we can say, “His Glory fills the earth?”

They revealed to him that the first and final letters of “Kadosh” – “K” and “Sh” – allude to Keriat Shema. The middle letters – “D” “Vav” – spell “Du,” which means relationship, as in “Tav l’meitav tan du,” – a person prefers relationship than to be alone. The “DU,” or relationship we create with Keriat Shema defeats the 400 soldiers of Eisav that battle with us.

The first Kadosh corresponds to the relationship we had with God during the First Beit Hamikdash. The second Kadosh, refers to the Second Temple. The Third Kadosh speaks of the future Third Beit Hamikdash, which will last forever, and only then, will God’s glory truly fill the earth.

I would add that the dream is accurate: The letter Daled refers to Malchut, and “Vav”, which joins things, is Z’eir Anpin. “Daled Vav” describes the joining of Malchut and Z’eir Anpin, but only of we defeat the “Kuf” – 100 – and “Shin” – 300 – that attack from both sides – alluding to Eisav’s 400 soldiers. (Chida, Midbar Kadmut, Ma’arechet “Kuf” #5)

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