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Chemed Shlomo-Vayechi- Rebuke

“Dan will judge his people, the tribes of Israel will be united as one.” (Genesis 49:16) Rabbi Tarfon said, “I wonder whether there is anyone in our generation who knows how to successfully rebuke. If one person would say to another, “Remove that splinter from between your hands,” the other would respond, “You first remove that beam of wood – ‘Korah’ – from between your eyes!”

The one who rebukes must first repent of all his sins, and only then is it possible that his words will be well-received.

This is why the verse says, “Let us search and examine our ways and return to God,” the one speaking includes himself with the people, “Let us,” he too will search and examine his ways. “Vinachkorah,’ , we will remove the beam, by sharing in the search and examination he removes the “Korah” the beam mentioned earlier.

“You will burn out the evil from your midst, and all Israel will hear and see.” If you first remove your own evil, then others will be willing to hear and see.

“Dan will judge,” for Dan means to judge. Dan will first judge himself before he judges others, and will therefore succeed in engendering unity among all of Israel. (Chemed Shlomo)

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