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Chayei Sarah – Cave of Machpelah 3

Rabbi Eliezer asked his father, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the verse describes the cave of machpelah, but at other times it refers to the field as machpelah. Rabbi Shimon said to him, “Neither is double. Just as all of Israel is folded up under Jerusalem, it absorbs its spiritual sustenance from the Holy City, so too, the paths to Israel and the Resurrection of the Dead are all folded under the Field and Cave; they are sustained and nurtured bt the Spiritual Sustenance of the Cave and Field. (Zohar, Vayechi)

One must first learn how to cross the field in order to reach the cave: The entrance to Eden.

The field is where we plant the seeds of our lives; our actions, prayers, study and thoughts. We nurture the seeds with our awareness and intention. When we succeed in nurturing the seeds to full growth we can access the cave.

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