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Chayei Sarah-Cave of Machpeilah-Four

This is the purpose of a person’s work in this world: to attach himself to the Highest Root. Sarah accomplished this, which is how she merited burial in the Cave of Machpelah, as the verse says, “She envisions a field and buys it.” (Eishet Chayil) [Sarah envisioned the field she planted in the World to Come and attached herself to it and she merited burial in the Field of Machpelah.]

The Midrash teaches that it is called Machpelah – Double – because only those whose reward is doubled merit burial there. [Their reality they created in the World to Come is far greater than the sum of all their efforts as measured by human beings.]

The Talmud records a debate whether there were two caves, one inside the other, or two, one on top of the other. This symbolizes the Upper and Lower Gardens of Eden.

All depends on a person’s preparation in this world. A person who strives to live with his outside actions and demeanor an accurate reflection of his inside, one cave inside the other, will merit to live in the Upper Garden that stands above the Lower, as one cave on top of the other. His eternal life will constantly develop and he will rise from one level to the next. (Sefat Emet, Chayei Sarah)

Choose one section of prayer that you can do with a whole heart and joy. Recite those sentences or paragraphs as if they were a precious gift that you are offering to God.

Practice “Inside is as the outside” with one section of prayer or one Mitzvah each day. A Mitzvah done “because I have to,” is not considered “Inside as outside.” The action speaks of devotion, but the inner feeling is inconsistent.

Focus on the meaning of God’s praises in prayer so that they are spoken with integrity.

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