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Chanukah-Morning Blessings 1

Happiness Exercise – What is most important to know about these blessings is that they represent the perspective on reality according to Jewish law. One is not allowed to derive benefit from the world without thanking God for it. Just imagine the difference in your attitude towards your life in general

if that is the way you woke up in the morning—with the awareness that you have to thank God for each and every pleasure that you experience in life. That was really the purpose of these blessings.



We thank God for the myriad gifts in our lives, gifts we often take for granted. We express our gratitude for our minds, our hearing, our sight, clothes, feet, shoes, spines. We acknowledge the gift of living a life of meaning. We celebrate our ability to transform ourselves.


We make a list of wonderful things in our lives before we focus on our problems and what we do not have. This series of blessings is actually a happiness exercise, a celebration of the good in our lives. God wants us to rejoice in life and its opportunities and blessings.


Tool Box #6.


Make a list of the good things in your life.


Always focus on what is good before addressing your problems.


Practice being happy and grateful.


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