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Chanukah-Modim Moments

Which is more meaningful? A husband who tells his wife that he was thinking of her all day, or a husband who tells his wife: “This morning, when I was driving to work and listening to the radio, I was thinking of you, then, as I was having a cup of coffee during a break, I was reminded of a special moment we shared, and later today, as I was dealing with a work- related decision I had to make, I pictured what you would say”?

In the blessing of Modim, we recognize the wonders and favors that God does for us “at all times, evening, morning and afternoon”.

If we are able to realize how God is involved in our lives at all times, why is there a need to specify the different times of day?

Having a vague awareness throughout the day of the miracles God performs for us is not enough; we tend to lose touch with that awareness.

By singling out the moments, we become attentive and reconnect ourselves to the knowledge that God is constantly showering us with gifts.

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