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Chanukah: Miracles I

“The stone rejected by the builders became the cornerstone. This happened because of God; it is wondrous in our eyes.”

“The stone rejected by the builders,” refers to Ba’alei Teshuvah, who were rejected even by the ministering angels and are now the “Rosh,” the cornerstone, even higher than the righteous who haver never sinned. “This happened because of God; it is wondrous in our eyes.” Teshuvah is one of the greatest miracles, and Divine gifts. No matter how distant and rejected a person is, he can return to God, restore the relationship, and rise to great heights.

Chanukah is a celebration of miracles stimulated by human effort. The Chashmonaim were willing to battle against the most powerful army in the world. They, so to speak, lit the oil. God responded with the miracles of victory and the long burning oil.

Spiritual ToolsWe can prepare for the miraculous time of Chanukah by reflecting on how we have experienced miracles in our lives, beginning with the miracle of Teshuvah, the times we were able to restore our relationship with God even after feeling rejected because of the distance we created.

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