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Morning Blessings-Chanukah-Kavanah- The Light & The Incense

“Aaron shall burn upon it the incense spices every morning; when he cleans the lamps he is to burn it. And when Aaron ignites the lamps in the afternoon, he is to burn it, as continual incense before God throughout your generations (Exodus 30:7–8).”


“When he cleans the lamps,” teaching us that he is not to like all the candles at once, but to light five, stop, perform another service, and then light the final two candles. The reason for this is for the Kohen to connect to all the different parts of the Sanctuary as part of lighting the candles (Rabbeinu Zachariah).

The lighting of the Menorah is to be an expression of all the different services and all the different vessels in the Sanctuary joining together, and participating in bringing God’s light to the world.

Spiritual-Tools-Kavanot-Korbanot-Morning-BlessingsWe should have intention when reciting these verses that all our efforts during the day should be connected to this moment; joining in lighting the Menorah and illuminating the world with God’s Light.

Excellent Kavanah for Chanukah!

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