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Chanukah Hallel I; The Pri Tzaddik

“God is the Power and sheds His light on us.” The Greeks thought to make us forget the Torah, but God responded by sending extra light of the Torah Sh’ Ba’al Peh – The Oral Law.

The Oral Law is the vehicle for us to be active participants in determining God’s Torah on this world. It is the key to allow us to cause “Itra’uta D’litata” – Stirrings from Below – to awaken “Itra’uta D’leiyla” – Stirrings From Above. We can cause more influence of the light of the Oral Law to shine down from above, by lighting the Menorah on this world below.

The Chanukah Hallel is a celebration of the power we hold through our actions on this world to create realities in Heaven and her abundance.

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