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Chanukah Exercises Part One

Pirsumei Nissa – Publicize the Miracle

L’Hodot – Thank You

L’Hallel – Rejoice in Song

Candle – Potential



First Candle:

Spend the day saying “Thank You” as much as possible.

Be extra careful saying blessings before and after eating.

Share a story of God’s Providence with a stranger.

Tell someone with whom you are close what you most admire about him or her.



Second Candle:

Tell someone about the best moment of the previous year.

Thank God for that moment.

Sing a prayer that you usually don’t have the time to savor.

Bring joy to someone with whom you have lost contact.


Third Candle:

Describe a miracle you witnessed or experienced.

What is the most important “Thank You” you need to say to someone close to you?

Rejoice over an accomplishment of a family member or friend.

Set a goal to achieve by next Chanukah.


Fourth Candle:

Did you discover something new about yourself over the past year?

What is the most difficult “Thank You” for you to say?

Compose and send a blast email with the most important idea you learned over the past year.

Visit or host someone who is lonely


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