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Blessings of Shema-Chanukah- Eternal Light

“Give thanks to Him Who makes the great lights, for His kindness endures forever.” (Psalms 136:7) We only need a small lamp or candle to light a large room. We do not think of the lamp or candle as “Or” – light – but as “Ma’or” – that which provides light.

However, the Holy One, Blessed is He, creates “Orim” – lights – that are far larger than the earth they illuminate. We do not refer to the sun as a “Ma’or” – but as “Or” itself.

This is to teach us that there is light that is far greater and brighter than anything on earth. The world as we know it is secondary to the light that is available to all who search for it in life.

Those who perceive the great light that shines through, with God’s Presence, everything in this world, will appreciate the eternal quality of His Chesed.

Do not focus on physical light when reciting these words, rather recall moments of great clarity, when you experienced new insights into God and Torah. This is the true light.

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