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Chanukah-Blessing 18: Modim: Vehicle for Expansion

Modim- Vehicle for Expansion: “V’al Kulam Yitbarach”- “And on all these things You should be blessed.” When we say that God is “blessed”, it means that a) His Presence should continue to expand in the world, and b) that we see ourselves as vehicles that can expand God’s Name in the world.

This is the most powerful thing we can be grateful for. We are the ones who bring bracha, blessing, expansion, to the Almighty. If we reflect on the fact that we have the constant opportunity to communicate with Him; that our existence can literally expand His presence in the world; if we truly realize how amazing this is, then we begin to become even more powerful human beings.

And the bracha we give becomes even greater which in turns makes our connection even stronger. And because our connection is stronger, our blessing is greater. The relationship nurtures itself.

That is what bracha, blessing, is – a never-ending source of growth, development, and expansion.

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