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Chanukah-Al Hanissim: Imrei Shaul

“When the wicked Greek kingdom rose up against Your people Israel to make them forget Your Torah and compel them to stray from the statutes of Your Will.” When we speak of forgetting

the Torah we refer to sinking to a point at which we do not even consider what the Torah wants us to do. If a person is facing a situation and does not even reflect on how the Torah will direct him, he is considered one who has forgotten Torah.

We cannot express our gratitude to God for saving us from those who wanted us to forget the Torah if we live as people who have forgotten Torah. The Hoda’ah must be accompanied by action: We must live as people who never forget to consider how the Torah wants them to live.

(Rabbi Yerachmiel Rephael Shaul Miller – Imrei Shaul

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