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B’Or Hachaim: Beshalach

The 12th of Shevat is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Chaim Kapusi (~1540-1631). Born in Algiers , he moved with his family to Egypt in his early years. He became Rav and Dayan in Egypt and is buried in the Cairo Jewish cemetery. He authored Sifsei Chaim (unpublished) on the Sifri and the Mechilta, and Be’or Hachaim on Chumash, which was published about 300 years after his petirah.

“Azi v’zimrat Y-ah,” “The might and vengeance of the Lord was salvation for me.” (Exodus 15:2) This can also be read as Israel saying that we, as we are, only can access the Y-H of God’s Name and not the V-H, until we perfect ourselves. It is an acknowledgement of where we are and a prayer that we should merit being able to access God’s complete Name.

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