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The Book of Life

“Inscribe us in the Book of Life”: “Understand the years of generation after generation.” (Deuteronomy 32:7) A special gift of understanding is granted to each generation and every new period in time. It is  a level of perception that is appropriate and necessary for that specific time. The righteous leaders of the generation perceive depths in the Torah that can be used to teach their specific generation. It is for this level of understanding that we say: “Inscribe us in the book of life”, we ask for the key to understanding life in our times. When the verse (Proverbs 3:18) “It (Torah) is a Treee of Life for those who hold onto it”, the life described is “Hitchadshut” – renewal – and the gift of a new level of understanding appropriate to our times. (Kitvei Chassidim in Chiddushei HaRim page 266)

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