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Bo: Rekanati-Mei’ah Sh’arim: Finding God’s Chesed:Mitzvah 8 – Concept 114

We are commanded to eat Matzah on the night of Pesach. (Exodus 12:18; Rambam, Hilchot Chametz U’Matzah) This Mitzvah symbolizes the attribute of Chesed – Expansive Life Force, which is why Abraham served Matzah to the angels that came to visit him and announce that Isaac would be born the following year. We combine this representation with the Marror, which symbolizes judgment, to recall how God related to us with Chesed even as He was punishing the Egyptians through Judgment. We also remember that although me may experience something as an expression of Judgment against us, there is always an element of Chesed present. (Rekanati – Mei’ah She’arim #21)

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