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Bo: B’eir Mayim Chaim: Mitzvah 19 – Concept 411

“You shall not remove any of the meat from the house to the outside.” (Exodus 12:46) We are prohibited from taking any of the meat of the Pesach Offering from the confines of the group. (Rambam, Hilchot Korban Pesach)

Although the verse says, “outside,” which may have been understood as outside the room or the house, Rashi explains that it means outside of the group.

There is an important lesson here that it is possible to be part of a group and still be “outside” the group. The Sages teach us that even an Egyptian who hid in a group of Jews eating the offering in order to escape the Plague of the Slaying of the First Born, would die. This teaches us about “outside” as an outsider, and how one can lose the protection of the group.

When one joins a group of people in prayer but holds himself apart and disconnected from the group, he is outside, and loses the benefit and strength of belonging to a group. (Based on B’eir Mayim Chaim – Rav Chaim Tchernovitzer)

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