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Morning Blessings: Blessings of the Torah: Take Me as a Terumah

“For I have given you a goodly portion” (Mishlei 4:2). The Holy One, Blessed Is He, said to Israel: “The Torah was Mine, yet you took it, so take Me along with it”, as it is stated, “You

shall have them take Me as a Terumah offering.” (Midrash Tanchuma, Terumah #3)

The Midrash is describing one of the most incredible concepts. Instead of reading the verse as: “You shall have them take a Terumah offering for Me”, read it as: “You shall have them take Me as a Terumah offering”. God is saying: You know what is more precious than any gift you could ever offer Me? When you learn a verse of Torah, take Me along with it! Through the words of Torah, learn how to access Me.

“Blessed are You, God, Who gives the Torah”. We must realize that God has not simply given us a gift; He is involved in the giving and in the gift itself every single time we open a Holy book.

This is what the Ramchal teaches us when he says: “Of all the Influences that God causes to emanate from Him for the sake of His creations, one is higher than all others… This Influence is the closest thing to God Himself that can be found in Creation… Through this Influence God enables creations to actually partake of His Glory and Perfection. This Influence, however was bound by God to yet another creation- the Torah- which God designed specifically to carry this Influence to the physical world.” (Derech Hashem, IV: 2)

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