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Blessings of Shema: Esther & Yotzair Ohr

Part of the problem of the non-tzaddik is that it is impossible for him to see most things as they really are. Because true consciousness exists out of an awareness of light and dark, it requires the notion of nonexistence in order to be conscious of existence. This is the very reason that it is so difficult for people to avoid the trap of creationism; for they take the very existence and the nature of things as the ultimate given. Thus, there is no astonishment in existence itself, certainly not in the nature of existence.

Yet it is obviously far more overwhelming to contemplate a world which evolves from its simplest forms into all the amazement we see around us, good to see only a world which requires the manipulation and construction of each specific thing as an unrelated aspect, not an expression of inherent reality.

This may be part of the reason that Esther has so many of the Joseph issues: she is the deep evolutionist, and she is the one who believes in the power of consciousness over chaos.

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