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Amidah: Blessing Thirteen: Shirat David: The Gift of Trust

Toward the end of the 13th blessing, The Righteous, we request that God, “Put our lot with them.” Who are the people with whom we want God to place our lot? Are we asking to be placed among the righteous or the devout? Do we mean the elders. or “the remnant of the academy of scholars?”

The Abudirham explains that actually we are asking that our portion be among those who trust in God.  The Vilna Gaon (Aderet Eliyahu) echoes the Abudirham and explains that we are asking God to help us become trusters in His Name.

Just as we must pray for God to give us the gift of Torah as our portion and lot, so, too, we must pray for the gift of Bitachon – the ability to trust in God. (Shirat David, Volume 1, page 242)

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