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Amidah: Blessing Seven: See Our Affliction

“Please See our affliction, fight our battles and redeem us speedily with a complete redemption”. We want the Redemption, we say ‘redeem!’, we want our battles to be waged, we say ‘fight!’. We want to be saved from our affliction, yet we say “See, please!”.

There is a point, when we can’t bear our suffering and we are not even capable of asking for the suffering to go away. All we want is for God to see how much pain we are in. We are not focusing on the solution; what we want is to be noticed.

We want our Maker to behold our affliction and to empathize before we ask Him to fight for us and redeem us. Often, when someone is heart-broken, we try to fix the problem.

We forget that what the person in pain is aching for is: “Please! See my affliction”.

It is only after having identified with his suffering that we can come up with a plan to help.

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