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Blessing 19: Making Peace

Sim Shalom- Making Peace


When I am davening, and I feel that I am gaining perspective, I know that I am growing, and that I am attaching to what is really important. Unfortunately, I also become agitated when I realize that I will soon take three steps back, away from this treasured moment in time and place of connection. I will have to go back and deal with all the mundane frustrations and distractions. I will have to interact with the world, with people, be involved with work, with everyday concerns, trivial details… and I never want to finish praying, I want to stay in this state of clarity, of connection with my Creator.


The blessing in which I try to work it out is Sim Shalom. That’s what I am asking for when I ask for peace. I ask that I shouldn’t always feel that there is a contradiction between the world of Prayer and the world out there. More importantly, I ask that God should help me make peace between the “me” involved in prayer, and the “me” involved in the world.


I use the next paragraph, Elokai Netzor, as a way to remind myself that I have to work at creating that kind of Shalom, peace, and not wait for it to be a gift.



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