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Hoda’ah: Thanks for Being God

The blessing of “Modim” is filled with the expression of our gratitude for all that God is constantly giving us. It is also an acknowledgment of the purpose of creation, which is Tov- that

God wanted to do good to another.

In “Modim”, we thank God for our lives, our souls, for all the miracles, for the good that He is continuously showering upon us. It is also an extremely opportune time for us to make our own personal list of all the magnificent gifts that are present in our lives.

But what is the first thing that we are grateful to God for? Of all the wonderful things we praise and thank Him for, what is the first and most basic expression of “Modim anachnu lach” ?

“Sh’ata hu Hashem Elokeinu”! We thank You for being our God! We should all take a few moments to reflect on just that: on how blessed we are to have You as our God. Before we get into the more specific list of things we are grateful to You for, before praising You for Your endless involvement in my life.

I just want to say: “Thank You for being my God!”

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