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Blessing 13: Reward

True Reward


“V’tein sachar tov l’chol ha’botchim b’shimcha b’emet”- “And give goodly reward to all that sincerely believe in Your Name”.


We have to ask ourselves what “goodly reward” means. Usually, when we are referring to a reward, we think of it as something good.

There is a difference between receiving a reward for something, and seeing the fruits of one’s labor. For example, if a child gets an A on a test and the parent gives him a toy, the toy is a reward (sachar). But there is no direct link connecting the child’s achievement and the toy. However, when a child works really hard to study for a test, and gets an A on the test, that is “Sachar Tov”- a goodly reward. The child realizes that the effort is expressed in the result.

When we pray that there should be goodly reward for those who have sincere trust in God, it means that we yearn to see the full expression of our Bitachon. We are not saying that, because we have faith in You, I will get my million dollars, or that I will receive my dream car, or that my children will be healthy. That is not the focus of “Sachar Tov”.


What we are asking for is the ability to see the manifestation of our faith. That is, how we benefit from it, how it changes us and how it transforms our existence.






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