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Bird Talk: Road Signs

I was depressed. I had just received a verbal beating from a Canadian goose (From The Mouths of Birds). He may have been right, but I couldn’t allow the conversation to end as it had.


I walked right into the flock of geese feeding on the park grounds. Most flew away as I approached, except for a few who were snickering about the guy who lost an argument with one of their own. I found my “friend” in the center of a large crowd of geese listening to his story.

“What do you want?”

“I want to ask some questions.” All the geese gathered round to listen to the conversation.

“How do you know about Van Cortland Park? Do you send scouts ahead? Do you remember the spot from previous years? You obviously can’t see all the worms from up there in the sky.” I didn’t want to be tough at the beginning of the interview; I wanted to lull him into a false sense of security before I went on the attack. He had no idea what lay in store for him. I put on my magnanimous, bird-loving face.

“Road signs,” he said with a quack that sounded a little too much as a laugh.

“Road signs? Do you mean that there are signs in the sky that say ‘Worms Below”?

“What is it with you humans? Do you really consider yourselves to be the most evolved species? Don’t you see the signs?”

I looked around. All I could see were signs that announced “No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed” next to piles of empty beer and wine bottles. I was desperate. I could not allow him to make me appear ridiculous again. I looked all around. “There are no signs!”

“That’s exactly what I thought you would say. What do you see when you enter the park?”

“I see the walking trail, the playing fields, the construction, the torture, I mean exercise, areas, the garbage cans, the garbage piled everywhere around them, people, dogs, and too many geese.”

“Do you see the flowers?”

“There are no flowers!”

“Look again.” He was right. There were flowers all over the place. There were also all sorts of trees. There is a forest just off the walking trail between the park and the highway. There are all sorts of colorful birds. There are giant spider webs with horrific looking spiders and bugs.

He honked at me like a Shofar: “Those are road signs of life. Pay attention. They are gifts from the Creator. Pay attention to His signs. When you miss them, you also miss the road signs of life.”

All the geese flew away.

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