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Blessings-Birchat haMazon-Kavanot for The Three Weeks

The Chafetz Chaim taught: “At the conclusion of the main portion of Grace after Meals we add a series of, ‘ May the All Merciful…’ We add numerous such petitions, indicating that a request to God after the performance of a mitzvah is especially acceptable before Him (Michtevei haRav Chafetz Chaim, page 45).”


One of the primary issues of the Exile is, “You wrapped Yourself in a cloud that no prayer can pierce (Lamentations 3:44).” It is more difficult to pray during the Three Weeks than other times during the year because we experience this “cloud.” We can use this strategy of the Chafetz Chaim, that of praying immediately after the performance of a mitzvah, so that we may feel that our prayers will be more acceptable before God.

It should be a mitzvah we usually do not perform before prayer. People who are not in the habit of making a gift to charity before prayer should do so. People who are already in the habit of offering charity, should perform an act of kindness, such as calling someone who is lonely, ill, or in mourning.

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