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Binah LaIttim: Purim

The 1st of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Azariya Figu (Figo) of Venice(1579-1647). Author of Binah La’itim and Gidulei Terumah.

“Gracious and compassionate is God. He provided food – “teref” – for those who fear Him.” (psalms 11:4-5)

When God seems to give us over to “teref” to be torn by our enemies, we must remember that He will always remember His covenant with us and will show us compassion and grace.

We recall the miracles of our history in order to make them part of our lives so as to call on them even when we are suffering.

Even drunk, on Purim, undeserving and seemingly disconnected, we recall His miracles for us no matter how undeserving we may be. Binah la_Ittim – Derush 21 – Eit Nekama

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