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Binah La-Ittim: Purim

The 1st of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Azariya Figu (Figo) of Venice(1579-1647). Author of Binah La’itim and Gidulei Terumah.


It was revealed and known before Him, Who spoke and the world came into being, that this evil men, Haman, would pay out a fortune of money to buy the rights to murder the Jews. He therefore preempted Haman’s money by asking the Jews to pay the half Shekel.

I have no doubt that every person wants to know what is the purpose of his existence so that he can be focused in all his efforts. He also wants to know the precise time of his death so that he can be adequately prepared.

This story of the mitzvah of the Half shekel and how it preempts Haman’s evil efforts is a story that reminds us that God does not think in the same terms of time as do we. We may think of an end to our time, however God tells us that the effect of our actions can be, what for us is, far into the future. We do not know the purpose of our existence or any of our action; this story reminds us that it may be generations before anyone will fully realize the benefit of anything we do.

This story is the story of the people that is timeless therefore they must always remember; remember that their time and their efforts are internal.

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