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Biblical Personalities: Zebulun – Rabbeinu Bachya

“Zebulun will reside along the coast of the seas.” (Genesis 49:12) It is important to understand that the very name, Zebulun, alludes to what is called the “Kav Ha’emtza’I,” the ‘Middle Line.’ The line that forms the connection between the terrestrial and celestial world. This is why he is described as residing at the beach of the seas.

The word “Yamim,” – seas – appears in Genesis 1:10, “And the accumuklation of water, He called seas.”

The word “Khof,” – beach – is connected to Chupah – the wedding canopy.

Zebulun is viewed as the groom who emerges from his wedding canopy when he engages in commerce to supply his brother Issachar with the necessary funds to study Torah.

No wonder then that he enjoys precedence over his older brother.

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