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Biblical Personalities-Moshe-Humility and Life

The 7th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu, the most humble of men: The meekness and humility of our Teacher Moses is implanted in every Jew, indeed in his every limb. But this humility and meekness are concealed and are in the category of “Death.” Therefore, one does not feel this humility within himself, and remains distant from humility.


However, by drawing close to the true Tzaddik and seeing him, and certainly when one is privileged to hear Torah from his mouth, one attains a sense of shame and repentance. He thereby deserves that this humility and lowliness should be “Alive” within him. He then merits true humility, which is in the category of the eternal life of the World to Come. (Likkutei Eitzot; Ga’avah v’Anavah 166a #30)

Shabbat-Sabbath-Prayer-Kavanot-Kavanah-Moshe“Moses should rejoice in the gift of his portion: that You called him a faithful servant (Shabbat Shacharit Amidah).” Moshe’s humility, earned him the title of “Faithful Servant,” and that gift is implanted in each of us. Pray to discover that seed within, and the ability to connect with it, and nurture it, so that we too, can “Taste” the eternal life of the World to Come.

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