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Biblical Personalities: Betzalel: Just Doing My Job!

Betzalel, meaning “in the shadow of God,” was so named, for his wisdom. (Berachot 55a)

Betzalel is the name by which his people called him; while the Holy One, Blessed is He, called him by five names of endearment for building the Tabernacle. (Shemot Rabbah 40:4)

There were two important steps in Betzalel’s development: 1)He walked “in the shadow of God,” meaning, with constant awareness of God’s Presence. He swa all as a reflection of God, and His “Highest Wisdom,” which allowed him access to the necessary wisdom to construct the Mishkan.

2) God “Called Betzalel by name,” assigned him his role, and yet still called him five names of endearment for building the Mishkan, which God had instructed Betzalel to do! Betzalel earned the titles of endearment for doing his job! God loves us for fulfilling our mission. God expands our presence – name – because we have done what He asked of us.

Betzalel did not simply fulfill an obligation or perform his job; he approached each step of his Service of God as an opportunity to experience living in the Shadow of God, thus earning him the five names of endearment.

We all have the same opportunity!

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