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Beautiful To Me

Abraham and Sarah were old. They were childless. The Talmud and Midrash actually describe them as clearly limited in the reproductive arena.

God promised children to Abraham. He first met God in the furnace of fire. He knew God. Sarah had not. She knew that she was barren, and she wondered whether those children promised to Abraham would be hers. Would Abraham take another wife in order to father children?

Abraham clearly understood Sarah’s angst. He did whatever he could to reassure her. “You are as beautiful to me now as when we first met,” he assured her. She may have been in her late sixties and incapable of bearing children, but to Abraham, she was his treasure.

People noticed how Abraham viewed Sarah. When a man, as influential as Abraham, views someone as beautiful, others begin to see her that way as well. Abraham even hid her among his treasures as they entered Egypt. The authorities noticed, and they quickly sent a message to Pharaoh’s palace that the great Abraham had entered Egypt with a woman he treasured.

Abraham was unsure of the reception he would receive in Egypt, but he was sure, that although people would first see Sarah as Abraham’s treasure, they would quickly realize that she was elderly, not the most feminine of women, and certainly unworthy of the great Pharaoh.

Abraham underestimated the Egyptian king who had heard of Abraham’s courage, greatness and story. He knew all about Abraham’s altars, fearlessly built right in front of the religious authorities. Pharaoh understood that Abraham would be a formidable adversary, and wanted any woman treasured by this giant.

Perhaps Sarah was not the most beautiful woman in Pharaoh’s harem, but she was a link to a new force upon the earth, and was the perfect way for the Egyptians to secure Abraham’s friendship.

Who can fully appreciate the power of viewing something or someone as precious? The German’s went after Torah scrolls so precious to us. Hamas and Hezbollah attack our army, the pride of many Israelis. What would happen if they understood that we view the land of Israel as special, not another European country, but holy and unique? AS long as they do not recognize how precious the Land of Israel is to all Israelis, they will attack the State. For that type of preciousness is undefeatable.

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