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Battles of Weapons and Faith

Abram was sitting and teaching in his Yeshiva. Suddenly, a giant appeared. When Abram and his students saw that Og looked filthy, tired and frightened, they realized that they did not need to fear him. But as soon as they heard his breathless report of the battle of the four kings and the five, they had good reason to be concerned.

The Four Kings did not attack New York from New Jersey. They marched and burned every city and village between New Jersey and California before turning back to New York. They were searching for someone and they were sending a powerful and painful message to everyone, everywhere.

Amraphel, king of Shinar, also known as Nimrod, was searching for Abram. He had never recovered from his humiliation at the furnace of fire. (The Power of An Idea) He burned every village he could in his search so people would know that it was dangerous to support or even ignore Abram.

He eventually gave up on finding his nemesis, and turned toward Sodom to capture Lot, Abram’s nephew and look alike. (The Invisible Man) He held Lot in a cage and waited. Nimrod was certain that no matter what Abram would do, he would lose something.

Abram always suspected that he would be vulnerable to such terrorism when Lot separated. He heard Og’s message and immediately understood that the time had come to destroy Nimrod.

His way had always been kindness and gentle persuasion. He was not a warrior. He was willing to test the waters of confrontation, (The Altar of Confrontation) but had never considered going to war for his ideas. He was always concerned that by fighting a Jihad he would just be another one of the power hungry kings in the area.

Perhaps, Nimrod’s intention was for Abram to go to war and forfeit his peaceful reputation. Nimrod was convinced that a battle would do more to defeat Abram’s ‘different’ message than anything else possibly could.

Og, too, understood that Abram would fight. He assumed that either Abram would die in battle or in reputation. That would be the giant’s opportunity to redeem himself after his defeat and capture by Nimrod. Abram would disappear and Og would take control of Abram’s property and, role as spiritual leader. The Sages describe this as Og desiring Sarai, Abram’s wife. (Beautiful To Me)

How would Abram fight all these battles: Nimrod, reputation and Og?

Do we not face the same dilemmas now as we fight on the battlefield and on the spiritual plane?

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