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Pesukei D’zimrah: Baruch Sh’Amar: The Song

The Tur (Orach Chaim 51) writes: “One should recite Baruch Sh’Amar with a tune and sweetness for it is a precious song.” This reminds me of the Sefer Chassidim (#158): If you set your prayers to a pleasant melody that you enjoy, you will pray with more devotion and your feelings will be aroused by the words you utter. When you petition God for something, the melody that puts you in a prayerful mood. When you sing His praises, Choose a melody that evokes happiness, so that your mouth brims with love and joy for Him Who knows your thoughts, and you will praise Him with deep ardor and jubilation.


The Tur is teaching us that it is even more important to sing this specific prayer than any other.

Please note that Rav Yaakov Emden rules that it is more important to  sing the Psalm of Thanksgiving. (Psalm 100)

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