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Baruch Sh’amar: Heavenly Praises

One of our major concerns when praising God is that we do not convey the message that our list of praises is exhaustive. God is Infinite and it is impossible to exhaust His praises.
We are therefore taught that the words of this prayer, Baruch Sh’amar, were sent down from heaven engraved on a golden plate. The Sages are teaching us that this prayer is not earthly, it is not bound by the limitations of our existence. Baruch Sh’amar comes from a world that is without limitation. Every word is an expression of the awareness that permeates the highest heavens: There is always an Infinity beyond our praises.

We must therefore recite each word with an appreciation that it comes from a different creation; the Spiritual worlds. These words are unlike those spoken in our physical existence. Each word is a celebration of the Infinity beyond it.

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