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Back To the Garden?

Snake Trick

Snake Trick

A snake! Echoes of the Garden…in a portion about heroic women…something is going on.

A snake? Leprosy? All because Moses questioned whether the Jews would believe him.

Wasn’t that kind of drastic?

It was Miriam’s fault! Moshe’s sister, was a formidable woman.
Amram and Yocheved divorced when they heard of Pharaoh’s decree to kill all the babies. Why should we have more children only for them to be murdered?
Miriam was furious! “You are worse than Pharoah. He is only killing the males. You are killing male and female!” Good argument.

“Besides, I had a prophecy that if you remarry you will bear the redeemer of Israel!” Even better argument.

Was it necessary? Her first line of reasoning seemed pretty solid.
She received her prophecy only because she retained a clarity that all others had lost. Miriam received her prophecy because she did not lose faith in the future.

Things did not seem to be turning out her way when Yocheved had to put her baby son into a basket on the Nile and watch him float away. Amram, the father, was furious, he slapped the back of Miriam’s head, and said, “What happened to your prophecy?” Interesting, isn’t it? He does not mention her logic, just the prophecy. He did not retain his faith as did Miriam.

The girl would not let go. She watched as the daughter of Pharaoh pulled the basket form the water and the rest, as they say, is history. Miriam did not stop believing. She never surrendered her clarity. She earned her prophecy and had so much clarity that even when all seemed to be going wrong, she did not let go.

She is the paradigm of belief and faith. She was there from before Moses was born until he was delivered back to Bitya after he was weaned. Moses was born, lived, grew up on Miriam’s clarity and faith. He should never have doubted the people’s ability to believe. The brother of Miriam had to confront evil at its source; the snake, because his doubt could have undone all that Miriam had accomplished.

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