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Babel in Reverse

They all speak one language. They want to celebrate and preserve their singular identity, so they decide to build a city and tower. God isn’t happy and confuses their languages, resulting in numerous societies and cultures and, of course, wars.

I think of Israel in 1948 as Babel in reverse: There are Jews arriving from all over the world. Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Persian, Yemenite, Italian, and numerous other Jews streamed to the new unsettled, undeveloped, swamp-filled country. There were as many languages spoken on the streets of Israel as there were after The Tower of Babel. Different worlds joined together: Holocaust survivors, fighters, farmers, religious, atheist, communist, socialist, and every other political theory in the world formed a veritable Babel and eventually shared one common language. (I admit that they barely share anything else.)

The creation of the State of Israel has the potential of the fixing for the Tower of Babel. Yes, you read correctly, the potential. That means that it will be our decision whether it will be a permanent fixing or it will replay Babel again. That is the challenge! Let us all hope we can take the sprout of the fixing and make it permanent.

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